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Somatic Clone Viewer (SCV)

In our recent work, we reconstructed early developmental phylogenies of human through genome sequencing of multiple cells and tissues of seven individuals. To this end, whole-genome sequencing of 334 single-cell expanded clones followed by 379 targeted deep-sequencing of various anatomical locations were analyzed and interpreted. (Park, Mali, Kim et al., Nature 2021; link).


In the project, somatic mutations were used as cellular barcodes to track cellular dynamics in human development.

We believe that our atlas, encompassing large-scale genomes from multiple cells and body sites from single individuals, is an important and lasting resource for the communities of developmental biology and human genomics. Here we share the multi-dimensional information through SCV, an interactive, web-based interface optimized for the visualization of our findings and datasets.

Click here to explore our dataset using SCV!

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