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last update: Feb. 22. 2024



  • Feb 22 Jeonghwan, Joonoh and Taewoo jointly publish a research paper revealing ionizing radiation associated mutational signature. ("Quantitative and qualitative mutational impact of ionizing radiation on normal cells" in Cell Genomics) (link).


  • Jun 29 Our lab renamed! (COSMOS: Comprehensive Observation of Somatic Mosaicism, its Origin and Significance ; previously Lab of Cancer Genomics) - Yunah's suggestion.

  • May 10 Chang Hyun and Jeonghwan publish a research paper ("Widespread somatic L1 retrotransposition in normal colorectal epithelium") in Nature (link). Congratulations!


  • Dec 22 Chris (Jongsoo) publishes a method paper ("Estimation of intrafamilial DNA contamination in family trio genome sequencing using deviation from Mendelian inheritance") in Genome Research (link). Congratulations!

  • Dec 22 Taewoo and Kyoung Il co-publish a research paper ("Relative infectivity of the SARS-CoV-2 Omicron variant in human alveolar cells") in iScience (link). Congratulations!

  • Sep 16  Taewoo and Chan Hyun receive (Oral) Presentation and Poster Presentation Awards, respectively, at the 31st International KOGO Conference (link). Congratulations!

  • May 24  Young Seok is awarded Chen Award of Excellence from Human Genome Organisation (HUGO). He is invited to Human Genome Meeting (HGM) 2022, Tel Aviv, Israel, for the award ceremony (link

  • Mar 2  Young Seok is awarded the first Lim Sung-Ki Award for Young Investigators (link


  • Aug 27  Kijong publishes a research paper ("Mutational spectrum of SARS-CoV-2 during the global pandemic") in Exp Mol Med (link)

  • Aut 25 Seongyeol and Ryul publish a research paper in Nature (link)

    • Highlighted by 'News and views' in Nature (link)

    • Highlighted by 'biotopic' in Bric (link)

    • Highlighted by 'Research highlight' in Nature Review Genetics (link)

  • Jul 27 Kijong publishes a research paper about SARS-CoV-2 infection to ferrets (link)  

  • Jun 30  Review paper ("Experimental Models for SARS-CoV-2 Infection" is published in Mol Cells (link)


  • Oct 21   Research paper ("SARS-CoV-2 infection in 3D alveolar culture models") is published in Cell Stem Cell (link)

    • Jeonghwan and Taewoo, congratulations! (news)

  • Jul 15     Kijong publishes a research paper (link)

    • Many congratulations!

  • Mar 30   Research paper ("Germline mutations at CpG contexts") is published in BMC Genomics (link)

    • Jeonghwan, many congratulations!       

  • Mar 19   Young Seok is awarded Asan Award in Medicine (Young Investigator) (link)

  • Feb 5     Young Seok publishes a research paper from PCAWG (Pan-Cancer) consortium (link)        

  • Dec 17 BRIC features our lung cancer paper (link)  

  • Dec 02  Research paper ("Germline gain-of-function mutation of STAT1 rescued by somatic mosaicism in IPEX-LD") is published in JACI (link)

    • Yohan and Chris (and JS), many congratulations! 

  • Nov 05  Jeonghwan speaks at EMBL Conference
    (Cancer Genomics, link); summary cartoon by Alex Cagan) 

  • Aug 1    KSBMB webzine (link

  • July 17  BRIC webinar on lung cancer structural variations by Seongyeol (link)  

  • May 31  Research paper ("Structural variation in lung adenocarcinoma") is published in Cell (link)

    • June-Koo, Seongyeol, many congratulations!​

  • Apr        New graduate students (Kyung Il and Ji-Hyung)

  • Apr 24   Seongyeol speaks at the Trainee Session at HGM 2019 (link)

  • Apr 4     Young Seok speaks at IASLC-small cell lung cancer meeting (link)

  • Mar 1     Promoted to Associate Professor        

  • Feb 26    Young Seok speaks single-genomics at Cell Symposia: Single-Cells: Technolog to Biology (link)        




  • Sep 10   Young Seok is awarded 2018 SUHF Young Investigator's grant (link)        

  • Aug 7     Kijong published a review paper on structural variations in cancer in Exp Mol Med (link)

  • June 1    MUTALISK (online tool for mutational signature analysis) is published in Nucleic Acids Research (link)

  • Apr 1      Young Seok is awarded 2018 HFSP Young Investigator's grant (link)

  • Feb 26    Young Seok is elected as a member of Y-KAST (link)

  • Jan 16    Our lab is relocated from building E7 to N26.


  • Nov 6    Chris Yoon joins our lab

  • Oct        Young Seok is awarded the POSCO TJ Park Science Fellowship (link)

  • May 12  Research paper ("lung cancer tissue type transformation") is published in Journal of Clinical Oncology (link)

    • June-Koo, many congratulations!​

  • Apr        BRIC 한빛사 인터뷰 (link)

  • Apr        한국분자세포생물학회 웹진 연구실 탐방 (link)

  • Apr        Kijong, Joonoh and Kyu Hyuk join as graduate students  

  • Mar 22   Research paper ("early human embryonic mutations")  is published in Nature (link)

    • press release from Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute (link)​

  • Feb 14   ​Research paper ("NUT midline carcinoma") is published in Annals of Oncology (link)

    • June-Koo, many congratulations!​


  • Oct 16       Our lab is relocated from building E7 to N26.

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