last update: Sep. 17. 2021



  • Aug 27  Kijong publishes a research paper ("Mutational spectrum of SARS-CoV-2 during the global pandemic") in Exp Mol Med (link)

  • Aut 25 Seongyeol and Ryul publish a research paper in Nature (link)

    • Highlighted by 'News and views' in Nature (link)

    • Highlighted by 'biotopic' in Bric (link)

    • Highlighted by 'Research highlight' in Nature Review Genetics (link)

  • Jul 27 Kijong publishes a research paper about SARS-CoV-2 infection to ferrets (link)  

  • Jun 30  Review paper ("Experimental Models for SARS-CoV-2 Infection" is published in Mol Cells (link)


  • Oct 21   Research paper ("SARS-CoV-2 infection in 3D alveolar culture models") is published in Cell Stem Cell (link)

    • Jeonghwan and Taewoo, congratulations! (news)

  • Jul 15     Kijong publishes a research paper (link)

    • Many congratulations!

  • Mar 30   Research paper ("Germline mutations at CpG contexts") is published in BMC Genomics (link)

    • Jeonghwan, many congratulations!       

  • Mar 19   Young Seok is awarded Asan Award in Medicine (Young Investigator) (link)

  • Feb 5     Young Seok publishes a research paper from PCAWG (Pan-Cancer) consortium (link)        

  • Dec 17 BRIC features our lung cancer paper (link)  

  • Dec 02  Research paper ("Germline gain-of-function mutation of STAT1 rescued by somatic mosaicism in IPEX-LD") is published in JACI (link)

    • Yohan and Chris (and JS), many congratulations! 

  • Nov 05  Jeonghwan speaks at EMBL Conference
    (Cancer Genomics, link); summary cartoon by Alex Cagan) 

  • Aug 1    KSBMB webzine (link

  • July 17  BRIC webinar on lung cancer structural variations by Seongyeol (link)  

  • May 31  Research paper ("Structural variation in lung adenocarcinoma") is published in Cell (link)

    • June-Koo, Seongyeol, many congratulations!​

  • Apr        New graduate students (Kyung Il and Ji-Hyung)

  • Apr 24   Seongyeol speaks at the Trainee Session at HGM 2019 (link)

  • Apr 4     Young Seok speaks at IASLC-small cell lung cancer meeting (link)

  • Mar 1     Promoted to Associate Professor        

  • Feb 26    Young Seok speaks single-genomics at Cell Symposia: Single-Cells: Technolog to Biology (link)        




  • Sep 10   Young Seok is awarded 2018 SUHF Young Investigator's grant (link)        

  • Aug 7     Kijong published a review paper on structural variations in cancer in Exp Mol Med (link)

  • June 1    MUTALISK (online tool for mutational signature analysis) is published in Nucleic Acids Research (link)

  • Apr 1      Young Seok is awarded 2018 HFSP Young Investigator's grant (link)

  • Feb 26    Young Seok is elected as a member of Y-KAST (link)

  • Jan 16    Our lab is relocated from building E7 to N26.


  • Nov 6    Chris Yoon joins our lab

  • Oct        Young Seok is awarded the POSCO TJ Park Science Fellowship (link)

  • May 12  Research paper ("lung cancer tissue type transformation") is published in Journal of Clinical Oncology (link)

    • June-Koo, many congratulations!​

  • Apr        BRIC 한빛사 인터뷰 (link)

  • Apr        한국분자세포생물학회 웹진 연구실 탐방 (link)

  • Apr        Kijong, Joonoh and Kyu Hyuk join as graduate students  

  • Mar 22   Research paper ("early human embryonic mutations")  is published in Nature (link)

    • press release from Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute (link)​

  • Feb 14   ​Research paper ("NUT midline carcinoma") is published in Annals of Oncology (link)

    • June-Koo, many congratulations!​


  • Oct 16       Our lab is relocated from building E7 to N26.